Technology Services

We make smart home technology count – indoor and out! A property-wide technology plan begins with a combination of effective, invisible low-voltage wiring and secure, blanket WiFi coverage. Automating lights is easy. But if you want to automate sustainable energy, water purification and irrigation systems too, you need Rogers.

Smart Lighting

You might have started with Google Home or Alexa. But a truly property-wide lighting automation system takes a more substantial and flexible automation system. Rogers specializes in HomeSeer systems running WiFi, ZWave and Zigbee. We can tackle any lighting or appliance automation task – elegantly.

Smart Environmentals

From early programmable thermostats to Nest units, the automating environmentals continues to evolve. Rogers can automate the multiple HVAC units, individual room dampers, humidity and more – all in concert with your sustainable energy system!

Smart Irrigation

Rain barrels and programmable sprinklers help.  But a large property-wide irrigation system involves more than sprinkling the lawn. From capturing or diverting storm water to irrigating trees, bushes and gardens to micro-targeting individual zones, we’re in high tech territory here. Rogers does it effectively, yet invisibly!


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We’ll treat you the way we like to be treated – with respect and honesty.


Beautiful outcomes are always our goal.


We don’t do anything without a plan that everyone has agreed to.


The safety of you, your family and our team is paramount.

Clean & Tidy

Finishing the job includes cleanup. We’ll never leave a mess.

Client Testimonials


Rogers helped us clear our property of invasive plants and restore natural prairie and healthy trees!

June Cerrano


Rogers helped us sort out and replace some very dangerous knob and tube wiring in an historic home AND give a full range of 21st century smarthome features!

Adam Bentley