Restorative Lawn and Garden Services

Foreign invasive species, climate change, declining native pollinators and predators…maintaining a truly healthy landscape is more difficult than ever. We specialize in the removal of invasive plants, reducing pest populations and introduction of beneficial insects. And if you’re looking for a bit of year-round “pop” without using misplaced hybrid plants check out our outdoor art glass installations!

All Natural

Natural methods of fertilization, weed control, disease and grub control mean that your lawn remains both beautiful – and safe to play on – throughout the season. Beneficial insects and other non-toxic treatments create balance on your property.

Forest Restoration

The first step in almost any yard, garden or woods restoration is the removal of invasive species. Next, irrigation and monitoring systems are installed. Finally, a thoughtful design of native plants and trees that work together are planted. It takes some time, but a balanced, natural landscape can be restored and improved!

Prairie Restoration

A meadow of prairie flowers is a beautiful and healthy transformation in your lawn. We can help you convert your existing lawn to a low-maintenance prairie of lovely native plants, even over a septic field, safely and wonderfully!


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We’ll treat you the way we like to be treated – with respect and honesty.


Beautiful outcomes are always our goal.


We don’t do anything without a plan that everyone has agreed to.


The safety of you, your family and our team is paramount.

Clean & Tidy

Finishing the job includes cleanup. We’ll never leave a mess.

Client Testimonials


Rogers helped us clear our property of invasive plants and restore natural prairie and healthy trees!

June Cerrano


Rogers helped us sort out and replace some very dangerous knob and tube wiring in an historic home AND give a full range of 21st century smarthome features!

Adam Bentley