Outdoor Kitchen Areas

Outdoor living means more than a patio and a grill! Outdoor area for your pizza oven? Maybe a few high-end gas appliances off your main kitchen? You might even want to take the plunge and create and full outdoor kitchen area. Here in the Midwest, it’s challenging enough to do in the summer, but we can offer you a full three-season outdoor kitchen that you’ll love so much you might even use it during the winter!

High Tech Deck Surfaces

We try to create new spaces from the ground up. Replace a tired old deck or patio with a modern natural Ipe wood or porcelain paver surface to begin the transformation! In many cases this technology allows us to use your existing deck structure. We can also build amazing patios using porcelain pavers or natural stone to house your kitchen. Set on adjustable pedestals it is possible to set the grade perfectly and maintain it over time. This material was originally developed for commercial installations. However, the incredible look and durability have made it a favorite for high-end residential projects.

Gazebos and Outdoor Structures

In the Midwest, one of the challenges is building an appropriate three-season structure that you love enough to leave up all year – and is tough enough to take it. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to structures for outdoor living areas. Your first consideration might be design. Or you might be focused on screening out bugs. Maybe wind protection while cooking is a challenge…your outdoor structure can’t loft away in a Midwestern gusty storm either. Chances are you have a combination of concerns that we can help you solve¬† – beautifully and with a truly contemporary feel. This isn’t your grandparent’s screen porch!

Design and Buildout

When you build a kitchen indoors, the location of the appliances is critical, but there’s a lot more to it than that. An outdoor kitchen presents many of the same challenges – workspace planning, circulation, and storage. But there are several other considerations: How are your appliances powered? How you manage options ranging from propane to natural gas or wood and electric are crucial. Will you have running water? Both hot and cold? Where will the waste water go? How will it be winterized? Both insects and rodents are inevitable. How will they be minimized safely? Good outdoor kitchens use some. of the best features of commercial kitchens to solve many of these problems.


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We’ll treat you the way we like to be treated – with respect and honesty.


Beautiful outcomes are always our goal.


We don’t do anything without a plan that everyone has agreed to.


The safety of you, your family and our team is paramount.

Clean & Tidy

Finishing the job includes cleanup. We’ll never leave a mess.

Client Testimonials


Rogers helped us clear our property of invasive plants and restore natural prairie and healthy trees!

June Cerrano


Rogers helped us sort out and replace some very dangerous knob and tube wiring in an historic home AND give a full range of 21st century smarthome features!

Adam Bentley